Aidan Herron

Aidan is a game designer, journalist, and incurably sarcastic. Sucks to be him though because Shelby’s the one writing his bio. He became hooked on card games like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering as a child and from there it was a slippery slope into playing games and eventually designing them (and now talking about them!). His university research focused on operant conditioning in video games, and he tells himself his Bachelor’s degree is in something useful. Aidan thinks Shelby is an absolute delight, and currently lives in Edmonton, Canada.


Shelby Carleton

Shelby is a game designer, writer, and has worked for gaming companies like BioWare alongside research projects into video games and artificial intelligence. She is currently a co-founder and narrative designer for the indie game studio, Caldera Interactive, and recently earned her Bachelor’s degree in something probably useful. She used to watch her dad play DOOM when she was probably too young to see that sort of thing which quickly brought on her insatiable gaming addiction. Shelby thinks Aidan can be funny on occasion, and currently lives in Edmonton, Canada.

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What is Panic Mode?

The idea for Panic Mode began in 2017 with an idea: "We should talk about games." After studying the world of games for years, and gaining experience in designing a multitude of games in a variety of positions, we decided it was finally time to go over all of our notes and hilarious jokes, and turn them into a podcast. Playing games isn't always easy. Designing them never is. "Panic Mode" hopes to curb the panic felt when engaging with games by taking a deep dive into understanding a variety of aspects of the gaming world, from game design, to industry practices, to the culture surrounding the medium. This is about games. This is about learning. This is Panic Mode.