What is Panic Mode?


“Panic Mode” is the state which game developers (among other kinds of humans) enter for a number of reasons, from impending deadlines, to not enough sleep, to adding new mechanics and then adding some more. It usually goes something like, “$%^&! I’m going into Panic Mode!” 

It’s also the name of our blog and podcast! And if you’re thinking it’s in bad taste to name ourselves after something so stressful, well, maybe. It’s one of the defining elements of game development right now, and we’ll re-brand as soon as the industry unionizes. Probably. 

Playing games isn’t always easy. Designing them never is. “Panic Mode” hopes to curb the panic felt when engaging with games by taking a deep dive into understanding a variety of aspects of the gaming world, from game design, to industry practices, to the culture surrounding the medium.

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Articles will come out every Friday, and the podcast will continue to air bi-weekly on Sundays.

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Who is Panic Mode?

We are Shelby Carleton and Aidan Herron. We’re a pair of sarcastic and cynical writer/game designers/gamers here to bring some sass to game design academia.

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